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Sure, lots of bands may play rock, but nobody can make you feel it like Lost in Austin does. It's one thing to play the notes, but it takes a whole other level of talent to bring those notes back to life the way you first heard them. With its unmatched versatility and range, Lost in Austin is able to deliver to you rock from any era. Whether its Journey or the Killers, U2 or Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top or Santana, it's all in Lost in Austin's sweet spot.

Why Lost In Austin?

With Lost In Austin, you get Jake's lightning fast licks on lead guitar that sound like the the original artist intended to, Kenny's never ending drum beat, and Dave dropping a bass line that has your head going up and down. Steve's keys make you jump and shout for more, Marc keeps it all driving with his hard charging rhythm guitar, and the power and energy of David's vocals almost melts the speakers.

Because the band delivers, and their large following of fans will tell you themselves that they have become part of the band. So the next time you want to feel the music, come get Lost In Austin!